We are very concerned about your “First Impression” that potential customers will see. We assist you throughout your journey from ideation of your brand, to logo making, packaging, UX- UI Designing till brand presentation and beyond. with your brand becoming an integral part of the narrative, We use celebrity content to ensure and engage consumers, enhance brand recall and raise customer interest towards the brand.

Website & App Development

We provide solution to reach your customers on the go with high-performance Android and iOS app development, including monetisation strategies. Our website development process starts with a thorough understanding of your business goals and target audience. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and preferences, and based on that, we design a custom, dynamic and completely functional website development plan.

Youtube Marketing

We offer businesses across sectors and industries outsourced services in YouTube marketing for small to large enterprises, web-based businesses, or any industry.

Content Marketing

We are firm believers in going the extra mile to tailor your brand journey for you and your target audience. We offer top content producers serving the growing need for high-quality material in market. We have the ability to produce high-quality content assets to improve your company experience through effective emails, potent presentations, interesting blogs, website creation, and fascinating case studies. Using your area of expertise and our creative skills, effectively communicate your company’s value proposition.

Search Engine Optimization

Take a walk of Growth with TLAM, and ensure your business and website traffic increases !

Tlam offers exceptional SEO services that help businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to their website. SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing for businesses.

The more visible your site is, the more traffic you will attract.

Social Media Management

We create impactful social campaigns and experiences that drive audiences toward achieving your business objectives. Our experts deliver focused distribution, ensuring campaigns are seen by the right people at the right time and in the right place. Whether it’s advertising or paid partnerships, we deliver measurable performance – constantly striving for the best results, cost-effectively.

Performance Marketing

A prerequisite for today’s brand marketing strategy is learning how to properly communicate with consumers through social media channels and we help your brand to get it through. We offer Google ad words, YouTube ad words, search ads, lead generation, Meta ads, Insight ads, Disney hotstar, Sony Liv ads and Zee5 ads.

Influencer Marketing

We become your extended influencer team and will craft strategies, identify influencers, and execute campaigns that will engage your target audiences. We have a community of almost 5000+ creators associated with us. We help your brand to increase its audience through viral content, by integrating your product with entertaining content that consumers are already watching.

Meme Marketing

Effortlessly capture the attention of your audience by appealing to the technologically aware natives who get its internal jokes. We will help you increase engagement by fostering a community where users can leave comments and share their own interpretations of your meme.

Outdoor Advertising

The most efficient and popular method of reaching a broad audience throughout the nation, a state, a city, or even a specific neighbourhood within a city is through outdoor advertising. The least expensive kind of advertising is OOH if your target market is tiny. Also, it has the greatest effect on improving target audience perceptions of the brand’s legitimacy and recall value. There are several ways that Tlam adopts to advertise on outdoor media while keeping in mind the interests and demographics of your target audience.

Public Relations

We are firm believers in going the extra mile to tailor your brand journey for you and your target audience. We offer top content producers serving the growing need for high-quality material in market.
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